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Item #: 02: Round
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For those who have trouble sitting comfortably, TheraSeat cushions provide relief to the coccyx or tail bone, as well as numerous other ailments affecting this sensitive area of your body.

This product is a complete cushion that is ready to use. It includes: 1 Foam Cushion with Round Cut-out, 1 Batting Layer, and 1 Fabric Cover.

The Round Thera-Seat has a wider cut-out than the Oval, and is usually suitable for individuals who are over 6 feet tall, or weigh over 200 pounds, or have a wide body frame. As well, this model is suitable for those who need a wider area of relief (similar in shape to a toilet seat). If you are petite or have a thin body frame, you may consider the Oval Thera-Seat, as the Round may be too wide for you.

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