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This new version of an old favorite will pack lots of new innovative features in a sleeker, more compact footprint. Among the new features of this Stance Angle Chair will be the ability for the user to achieve several healthy and energetic working positions.

Forward sloped sitting, kneeling and assisted standing are all healthy postures that provide the worker with unparalleled well-being and energy in the workplace.

This is the only ergonomic, sit to stand,

While standing is the preferred method of working in the office environment because of the health and energy benefits it provides, standing for 8 or more hours out of the day is not recommended either. The human body is meant to stay in motion and this new Stance Angle Chair helps provide that motion throughout your workday.

When you must sit, sit healthy!

The new improved Stance Angle Chair provides the user with a backless seating design that helps build balance and core muscles while providing hours of comfortable use. The seat can also slope forward to decreases the load on your lower back and minimizes the risk for lower back pain. Sitting with your thighs in a downward slope increases the activity of your lower leg muscles.

When you must sit, sit healthy! - Help build balance and core muscles providing hours of comfortable use. - Decreases lower back stress and minimizes the risk for lower back pain. -A sloping seat pan allows leg muscles to recover sooner because any postural changes and shifts are also easier. Easily transforms to a kneeling posture! -The kneeling function of this chair promotes good posture and helps strengthen the lower back muscles. -Helps with proper spinal alignment while keeping your back positioned correctly. -Kneeling is a very comfortable and healthy workplace posture. Supportive Standing sets the Stance Move apart from all other chairs! -Stand comfortably for hours at a time -Provides good posture, energy, and well-being. -Stay in motion throughout the work day. -Ideal for use with height-adjustable desk.

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