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Item #: LMSOLO
Our Price: $49.00


Allows a box to be lifted and carried with only one hand! No preparation of the box is needed. Simply grab the box using the Solo Lift and go. The box is carried at your side, allowing you to see what is front of you, such as a curbs, puddles or steps. You also have one hand free to open doors, press elevator buttons or hold handrails.
The Dual Lift Pro allows you to keep your shoulders level and back straight while lifting boxes.  No more tilting and twisting your shoulders and back to lift a box.  The ability to lift boxes properly is greatly enhanced allowing the legs to do the lifting.  The box is lifted more quickly and held closer to the body saving time and effort, and most importantly - saving your back.

Key Benefits

  • Tests have shown compression force reductions of over 20% when lifting.

  • Reduces stress on back and shoulders - twisting or stretching is not required.

  • Allows the legs to do the lifting for increased safety.

  • Boxes are held closer to the body (50% closer) saving time and effort.

  • Large boxes can be lifted properly so reaching to the floor is not necessary. 

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