Web Based Computer Training for Safety, Slip and Fall Prevention
  • Slip & Fall Prevention

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This training provides specific information about how to create a safe environment for both employees and customers. The program highlights include the causes of slips, trips, and falls, how to identify areas of hazard and how to prevent accidents from occurring.

The course presents the following topical areas:


  • Substances that create hazards
  • How slips happen
  • How trips happen
  • Causes of slips, trips, and falls

Awareness and Prevention

  • Prevention: Parking lots and sidewalks
  • Prevention: Stairways
  • Prevention: Inside the building
  • Prevention: Bad weather

Awareness and Action

  • The see something, do something rule
  • Actions to remove hazards

If an Accident Occurs

  • What to do if an accident occurs

Be familiar with causes of slips, trips and falls.

  • Identify when a slip can occur.
  • Identify when tripping can occur.
  • Recognize causes of a slip.
  • Recognize causes of a trip.

Be aware of slip, trip and fall hazards.

  • Identify hazardous areas outside your company's facility that can result in slips, trips and falls.
  • Identify hazardous areas within your company's facility that can result in slips, trips and falls.

Use preventive measures to avoid slips, trips and falls.

  • Choose the best way to prevent slips from oil or grease.
  • Identify ways to prevent slips, trips and falls from building entrances.
  • List indoor areas that present slip, trip and fall hazards.
  • Agree to never use stairwells for storage.

Take appropriate action to prevent slips, trips and falls.

  • Agree that if you see something; do something about it.
  • Define seeing it as always looking out for potential problems.
  • Choose the best way to prevent a tripping hazard.

Take appropriate action if a slip, trip or fall accident occurs.

  • Recognize aiding the injured as the first priority to take when an accident occurs.
  • List steps in the accident process.
  • Explain why it is important to block off the area.

How it Works:

After you have gained access to the course you are ready to begin your training session.

All courses use video to present at least 90% of the course material. Most courses involve you in the instruction by asking you to make decisions and express your opinions. As you complete each lesson the computer determines your understanding of the key learning points. These "quizzes" are not like the ones you dreaded in school. Our questions help discover areas where you need review and reinforcement.

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