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Enjoy the ease, comfort and powerful functional capabilities of this revolutionary medical imaging device.  The Rx Shuttle Pro was developed with the collaboration of a prominent Radiologist at Mass General Hospital in Boston.  As the number of images became greater per case, the arduous task of scanning through images for diagnostic review started to cause the Radiologist pain while using a traditional mouse.

The ultimate solution became the 15 button, jog wheel centric Rx Shuttle Pro.  This device works with popular PACS software packages to enable Radiologists to review cases with increased speed and reduced pain.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates Grip Force.
    The Rx Shuttle Pro uses a central jog wheel with seven forward and seven reverse speeds.  This makes image viewing easy and painless.  Hundreds or Thousands of images can be scanned within a minute, without clutching and dragging a traditional mouse.  This elimination of constantly gripping a traditional mouse allows for greater productivity and comfort.  Within the jog wheel is a frame by frame advance wheel that increases the accuracy of reviewing specific images for review.
  •  Robust 15 Function button array reduces reaching and typing.
    The Rx Shuttle Pro has fifteen programmable buttons to handle the most frequently used functions performed by the Radiologist.  These buttons have custom programmable capabilities, or can be set to match the functional mapping included with popular PACS software programs.  Regardless of the source, single button activations replace multiple keystroke and function key clicks, reducing reaching and fatigue. 

  • Compatible with most popular PACS software drivers.
    The Rx Shuttle Pro is compatible with PACS software drivers from G.E., Phillips, McKesson and AGFA.  We offer these drivers as accessories that can be purchased along with the Rx Shuttle Pro unit.  The CD ROM containing the desired drivers will be placed inside the box with the original shipment.  These popular function sets make diagnosis and imaging navigation a breeze.
  • “Plug and Play” convenience on both Windows and Apple operating systems.
    The RX Shuttle Pro works both with PC based and Mac based operating systems with ease.  Simply plug the USB connector into any available port and the device operates automatically. 

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