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Greetings all,
Have you heard the latest warning:  Sitting is the new smoking.  But you don’t need to be reminded, right?  After sitting for long hours at your desk you feel tight, sore, and cranky!
Good news!  We’re bringing personal trainers right to your desk every hour to lead you in a simple stretch!  Well…. sort of.

One Minute Moves is a library of instructor-led strength and stretch exercises that can be done right at your desk in just 60-seconds!  Try one now:

The key to standing is remembering, and the key to remembering is an ALARM!  Try out one of these:
Android:  Break Reminder, Alarm clock, Final Countdown
IOS:  StandUp, Alarmed, Repeat Timer, TellMeLater, Rise
Web:; (worry not - no nudity, just a simple clock);

Set your alarm to stand on the hour and see how much more energized you feel!
We’re starting a Movement Movement!

OneMinuteMoves explanation paragraphs:

Why wakeup your upper body?
Where would we be without upper body strength?  We use our arms, chest and back for everyday tasks like lifting, reaching, pushing and pulling  Strength translates self-sufficiency.

Why work your lower body?   Leg strength is imperative for long term mobility and stability.  But because it’s your largest muscle group, the stronger they are the more calories you’ll burn each day.  Tone up your legs and burn some fat too! 

What is my core and why do I care?  Your core is the center of your body - abs, pelvis, hips, back and bum - which is your center of strength, stability, balance and good posture.  Every move you make emanates from your torso so strengthening this bundle of muscles reduces risk of pain & injury.  Ever have back pain?  Condition your core.   

How many days/week should I stretch?  The more the merrier!  Especially if you sit for long periods of time, standing and stretching gets the blood flowing and stagnant muscles moving.  If you sit at a desk all day, move every hour.  It’s just a minute!

How many days/week should I do strength training?  Muscles get stronger when they are stressed beyond normal at least 3 times each week.  So schedule M/W/F for both upper and lower, or M/W/F for one and T/Th/Sat for the other.  But consider scheduling a core exercise or two every day because these are working different muscles. 

*You will receive an email after purchase with a link and passcode giving you full access to all the One Minute Move videos.

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