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Enjoy the ultimate in active sitting: put your body in the driving seat. Whether you're catching up on e-mails in the kitchen or multi-tasking over breakfast on the phone, the versatile Move stool lets your body go wherever it feels it needs to be. With 360 degrees of movement to choose from, the height-adjustable Move stool is bound to have a position to suit you. This flexible standing support has a graded disc base, so its tilting angle can follow your body through a range of positions keeping the spine in its natural curvature and giving the body most freedom to move while strengthening back and abdominal muscles. Its saddle shaped seat is an essential element of the Move stool, making it impossible to slide off. This means you can really open up the angle between your torso and thighs, relieving the pressure on your spine and neck, allowing deeper breathing and thus improving concentration.



Move/Move II

W: 43 cm, D 43 cm

H: 49-68 cm (L), 56-82 cm (M), 65-87 cm (H)

Move II has a small saddle but the same wooden base and gas lift heights as Move.


Move II Small

W: 34 cm, D 34 cm, H 49-66 cm

Move II Small has a small saddle, small wooden disk and a light gas lift for children of or about 7 years; rubber sole is standard.







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