How to Adjust Your Chair
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 by Kerri Benz

Is Sitting Really The New Smoking?

For those that have predominately sedentary jobs, an important conversation has started around sitting vs standing. The increasing market for new products to combat long days of sitting is certainly an indicator of the importance of a healthy balance for those at desks for 8 hours plus.

Still not sure?  Well, Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative, has been studying our increasingly sedentary lifestyles for years and summed up his findings in two sentences.

“Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

Levine is credited with coining the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”

It’s clear now we all can believe, that the loads of supported research out there  has proven that sitting for long periods is not healthy.  

So what to do?  Here we’ve listed ways you can start getting healthy right away.  The first one you can even do right now.

1.       Move Every 20  Minutes

This is the clearest and simplest way. Set an alarm on your computer or iPhone as an alert to get up every 20 minutes.  This is important because the muscles need blood circulation.  Only 2 minutes every 20 minutes is enough to be beneficial.

2.       Find a Standing Desk

Even better, than #1 is to invest in a standing desk.  

One of our products a height adjustable desk will change the way you work.  This is sure to improve your energy and productivity.  You’ll burn calories, improve muscle tone and posture, increase blood flow and kick start your metabolism

3.       Move While You Sit

Get yourself an active chair! There are lots of chairs available to choose from that allow for increased movement than the traditional chair.  Simple movements in chair that allows for a range of adjustment will be helpful.

Check out our Freedom Task Chair.

You’ll see in the specifications that there are a wide range of options to recline and adjust to allow for full movement while working.

We hope you’ve found this helpful!  Be sure to look at all our products to see which ones will help you get more movement today!