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  • HealthPostures TaskMate Slide for Taller People

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True ergonomic comfort for taller computer users can be found in the HealthPostures TaskMate Slide.

The new Slide from HealthPostures meets ergonomic standards in both the sitting and standing positions for people over 6'2". The Slide keyboard tray has a travel range of 21" and the monitor mount has a travel range of 45" This means that the Slide is a great fit for people up to 6'5".

Fully Adjustable

Adjustable features on the TaskMate Slide include the work surface, keyboard tray and the sitting height. Built to fit dual monitors as large as 30 inches, the TaskMate Slide has a total footprint of 29 inches by 32 inches. The maximum standing height of this ergonomic desktop standing desk is 45 inches. The weight capacity is 35 pounds. 

Benefits and Support

Specific ways that the TaskMate Slide supports people, regardless of their height, include relaxed shoulders, the ability to reach the computer screen by simply extending the forearm, and the desk height being slightly below a standing desk user’s elbows leading to improved worker mobility with better computer monitor and eye alignment.

To encourage more worker mobility, HealthPostures built the TaskMate Slide to be fully adjustable. This adjustability may make the TaskMate Slide among the best desk convertor solutions on the market for taller people. Because of this adjustability and enhanced mobility, it may be easier for workers to transition from standing to sitting, a shift that it is recommended that workers make once every 20 minutes. To achieve maximum benefits it is important to actually stand correctly. Slouching or standing too stiffly can hamper efforts to gain more structural health through the use of any sit-stand workstation. It is also possible to experience muscle fatigue while using a standing desk. This is why it is important to actually move several times an hour while working, whether sitting or standing.

The aim of any sit-stand workstation is to reduce ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and musculoskeletal disorders. Achieving these rewards will require a combination of more mobility at work, exercise, a healthy diet and reduced worker stress levels.


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