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Right or Left Hand  


Custom fit gives optimal support
A pronounced arch on the top of Contour Mouse gives your hand support from underneath. The specifically designed arch fills the hollow of your palm and allows you to rest your hand on top of the mouse. This promotes straight alignment of your hand and wrist while slightly elevating your wrist from the desk.
Stronger the better
Contour Mouse has elongated buttons that allow you to use the second knuckle of your finger to click. When you use this (instead of your fingertips), you use a stronger, thicker tendon with small, subtle motions and automatically avoid flexing your fingers.
"True" three-button design
As one of the few computer mice on the market, Contour Mouse offers a proper, full-size third mouse button, making middle clicking as easy and smooth as a regular click. The option of having a frequent command by a finger click is a smart feature for high-click-intensive tasks such as CAD/CAM and design applications.
Thumbs up for thumb rest
Your thumb rests naturally on the side on the Contour Mouse, where you have both the scroll wheel and a rocker switch (performs "back" and "forward" in most browsers).
Get the grip
Contour Mouse automatically offers a relaxed grip - where the hand rests on top, and the fingers lie relaxed and stretched out. It is optimal for everyday mouse operations and it allows you to move the mouse with the full lower arm.
If you need to focus on detailed precision work - which is often combined with high cursor speed - you can switch to a precision grip, where the mouse is held with the fingertips of all five fingers. Remember to return to the relaxed grip as soon as possible.
One size doesn't fit all
Contour Mouse Is available in four right-handed and two left-handed versions. When you find the size that truly fits your hand, you increase both comfort and control.
Right for the left
Contour Mouse makes ergonomics a possibility for left-handed users - and it's available in two different sizes.
The right angle
Our design team concluded that a slight pronation angle of 17 degrees - in comparison to a more vertical angle - was the perfect balance of ergonomics and productivity. This neutral tilt of Contour Mouse relieves pressure on the forearm while still minimizing the grip force. 
Plug and play
Convenient, out-of-box connectivity for both PC and Mac computers. This HID compliant device has the drivers "on board" and simply needs to be plugged into any empty USB port.
Note: Your hand should be able to rest upon the Contour Mouse and support your full palm from underneath. To find your perfect size, you should measure the length from the tip of the middle finger to the first crease of the wrist.
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