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For many employees, back injuries are something that “happens to the other person... not me.” Yet four out of five people will have some type of back problem during their lives. Back injuries are frequently caused by common activities experienced both on and off the job such as lifting, climbing, reaching, etc. “Back Safety” emphasizes the importance of overall back care, both on and off the job, including exercises and weight control.


How The Back Works

  • A healthy back
  • Anatomy of the back Back Injuries


  • Shape of the spinePosture


  • Factors affecting the back
  • Back exercises

Lifting Techniques

  • Proper lifting
  • Difficult lifts
This course will measure mastery on each of the following performance objectives:

Understand how the back works.

  • Identify main parts of the back.
  • Identify potential back problems and their causes.

Describe proper posture.

  • Identify the three curves of a healthy spine.
  • Describe the importance of spine to be properly aligned.

Describe back fitness and importance of exercise.

  • Identify sources of back strain.
  • Describe four exercises you can do to keep back healthy.
  • Identify which muscles are affected by back exercises.
  • List reasons why it is important to do back exercises.

Describe proper lifting techniques.

  • Describe proper technique for lifting objects.
  • Describe technique for lifting high-up objects.
  • Describe technique for lifting heavy objects.

How it Works:

After you have gained access to the course you are ready to begin your training session.

All courses use video to present at least 90% of the course material. Most courses involve you in the instruction by asking you to make decisions and express your opinions. As you complete each lesson the computer determines your understanding of the key learning points. These "quizzes" are not like the ones you dreaded in school. Our questions help discover areas where you need review and reinforcement.

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