Ergonomic EZ standing desk, Compatible with all heights, Healthier living
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Item #: WORKEZ
Our Price: $74.99


EZ Standing Desk

  • Standing Desk puts you in a beautiful ergonomic position
  • Independently adjust the height & angle of the Monitor Stand, Keyboard Stand and Mouse Pad
  • Raise screens to eye-level to prevent hunching & back pain
  • Type with wrist drooping down naturally
  • Fits people of all height (tested to 6'5") and works with any desk or table.
  • Included: 1 WorkEZ Executive & 1 WorkEZ Keyboard Tray and Mouse Pad


  • Improved Posture: inceases focus, alterness & comfort
  • Healtheir Living: standing has been dubbed the healthiest position (sitting is the least healthiest)
  • Burn More Claories: Burn 300 or more calories from standing and no sitting
  • Feel more stimulated: without the constant caffeine drip
  • Decreased risk: of arpal tunnel, arthritis, back pain

EZ Executive

  • Tallest, Widest & most versatile WorkEZ model
  • Collapisble, Lightweight, Foldable
  • Raises you laptop/tablet of your lap, keeping it cool and adjusts so you dont have to craner you neck to see the creen clearly
  • Aluminum panel keeps your laptop cool
  • 3-Section legs from a stable base
  • Panel roates to put screens at the perfect angle
  • Turn any desk or table into a simple Laptop Standing Desk
  • Extends up to 22"
  • Burn calories & have more energy

EZ Professional

From sitting to standing, Professional raises screens to eye-level, gets your computer off your lap & keeps it cool --- 3-section articulating legs accordion up & down holding devices in the most comfortable position --- push-button joints rotate the panel for optimal viewing pleasure --- The perfect laptop cooling stand, lap desk, and a simple laptop standing desk --- Same functionality as Executive, but in a slimmer more-compact package.

  • Medium-sized
  • Lighter, shorter, narrower & more compat
  • Perfect lap desk for slimmer folks
  • Perfect on the couch, reclier or in bed
  • Slips over yoru lap so you can move your legs around freely
  • works with tablets, documents & monitors
  • Elevate the panels to any height-up to 18

EZ Light

A simple, lightweight & compact stand that holds laptops, tablets & books in a more comfotable postition!

Tired of holding your tablet? Prop it up at the perfect angle with WorkEZ Light
Stop Hunching! Height adjusts up to 12", putting screens & books at eye-level
Stop Squinting! Panel rotates 360 to decrease screen glare

  •  Smaller, shorter, lighter with simple 2-piece legs
  • Super lightweight: weighs less than 2lbs
  • Collapses flat
  • Fits in larger laptop and carry on bags
  • Works with all tablets, e-readers & books
  • Quick set up
  • Simple to Adjust

EZ Cool

The best adjustable laptop cooling tray. Work more places more comfortably!

  • 2 fans cool your laptop
  • 3 USB Ports power devices
  • Mouse pad clamps to either leg
  • Large 18" x 11" tray gives you plenty of room
  • Made with highest quality components

EZ Keyboard Tray

The ergonomic WorkEZ Keyboard Tray & Mouse Pad holds keyboards & mice at the optimal position for sitting & standing at a desk.  

Includes 2 pieces:


  • 18" wide panel comfortably holds most keyboards.
  • Orients keyboards at a flat- or downward-angle for optimal typing health
  • Adjusts up to 18" high - perfect for standing
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Holds mice in perfect alignment with the keyboard
  • 7x7" size is large and comfortable
  • Connects to the left or right side of the panel
  • Easily adjust the mouse pad's angle.
  • Material: Aluminum

EZ Mouse Pad

An adjustable platform that clamps to the leg of any WorkEZ Stand.  It can be used on the right or left side, is adjustable, and easily removable.

  • Screw clamp attachment is adjustable and easily removable.
  • Compatible with every common mouse
  • Works with right or left hand.
  • Can also be used as a shelf for hard drives/accessories

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