During our over 13 years in business, we’ve created a network of professionals and leaders in the ergonomic community. The team includes certified ergonomic professionals, physical and occupational therapists, architects and designers, kinesiologists and vocational counselors; all poised to offer their assistance to you.

We ensure that the consultants on our team who we recommend are a match for your specific needs and your budget. You can receive advice and support in the areas of: 

  • Office and Industrial Ergonomic Assessment and Training – includes preventative advice, managing workers’ compensation, and evaluating return to work issues
  • A Corporate Wellness and Fitness program – Instituting one in your company improves the health of employees, decreases employee absenteeism and saves you money.
  • Back Safety – Recommendations for back safety and lifting techniques from the basic level improvements to sophisticated customized solutions.
  • Ergonomic Engineering and Design – experts specializing in applying the science of ergonomics to manufacturing, office, and consumer products and processes.
  • Office Space Planning – technicians dedicated to creating quality work environments that provide comfort, efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.
  • Installation and Instruction of Products – expert advice and instruction on product use, installation services, and ergonomic product positioning.

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